About Us

Roderbruch was created by Rob and Kat. Their unique designs can be screen printed on a variety of items.

Roderbruch is a borough of Hannover, and their unique designs are a reflection of the diversity that is Roberbruch. Both Rob and Kat are from Hannover and wanted to show their deep connection to their home by creating a unique and stylish line for all to enjoy. Their idea was born from the desire to create designs that will set them apart from the rest, a true reflection of the melting pot that is Roderbruch.

Rob and Kat take pride in the fact that all the materials used are environmentally friendly. They use fair- trade, organic materials and their prints are handmade as well as organic.

Roderbruch, Handmade in Roderbruch Hannover

Our T-Shirts

When we began creating our line, our focus was on putting out a product that was not only stylish and comfortable but also as environmentally friendly as possible-There was no question in the quality of our products, we had a strong conviction on putting out the best quality as well as unique designs always. No chemically altered plants are used in our products, 100% recycled material is used in all polyester products. We are proud to use organic cotton as it does not contribute to any over consumption of water.

What does Organic Cotton mean?

The standards for organic cotton begin with the growing of seeds – there are no genetically modified seeds used. The fields are maintained without the use of synthetic or chemically treated materials. There are no pesticides used in field maintenance, strictly organic plants to aid any possible infestation to the cotton –so no insects or birds are harmed. Just as you will breathe life into your t-shirt you will be happy to know it was surrounded by life prior to purchase – Proof that all life is connected and life can be easy!

Our Paints

We use all natural, water based paints for our prints, and you will find comfort in knowing there are no solvents used in our paints used. It is important that we used only the finest, purest organic materials that are completely biodegradable in creating our products. We feel it is our responsibility to provide you with the purest materials and to perhaps pass on the responsibility of an organic lifestyle. We are proud to say our water based paints are toxin free, vegan, and produced by Okotex 100 standard product.


Are you forced to attend your family reunion, won the lottery, getting a divorce or finally moved out of your parent’s basement? Why not celebrate with a t-shirt letting everyone know?

*Custom t-shirts must have a minimum order of 10, this includes a custom design fitting your needs as well as the printing and production of t-shirts