Roder....what? Roderbruch!

Roderbruch is a borough of Hannover, and their unique designs are a reflection of the diversity that is Roberbruch. Both Rob and Kat are from Hannover and wanted to show their deep connection to their home by creating a unique and stylish line for all to enjoy. Their idea was born from the desire to create designs that will set them apart from the rest, a true reflection of the melting pot that is Roderbruch.

Rob and Kat take pride in the fact that all the materials used are environmentally friendly. They use fair- trade, organic materials and their prints are handmade as well as organic.

Roderbruch, Design & Print in Hannover



Rob is an educator and works with kids. The `RODERBRUCH` designs are a reflection of his passion (art) and his creativty.


Kat is mother of two kids and she love to create. Being creativ is communication. As a kid she want to be a graphic designer. She says: " I can show my powerful creativity in our t-shirts".


We want to enjoy our designs and love the creativ process. 

Rob & Kat