KOMPASS 13 is a rock band from Hannover.

They released there first Album under the Hannover Record Label SPV in November 2018.

Why we present the Band here? Because RODERBRUCH print the Band T-Shirts and Hoodie´s - and we are very proud about that!

The whole story starts years ago at the LISTER MEILE FEST. I wanted to promote our limited Lister Meile Fest Shirt and have asked the guys (behind stage - there show was minutes later) if they want a Shirt for free? Condition: they must wear it on stage!!

Rico was pretty quick and took one. Tobias, Darius and Jan were already on stage with one leg or they have had a pretty good collection of shirts at home. Later we have had a pretty chat at our spot. The Band was still on the way to the first record. It took a year, at Lister Meile Fest again (of course) and we put us together.  Video for the song Song "Alphatier"