Neue Presse - January 27, 2022, p. 23

Neue Presse - January 27, 2022, p. 23

Article Neue Presse of January 27, 2022

Hanover is a super beautiful city - and it inspires creative people to create great, local patriotic products! NP editor Maike Jacobs met Hanoverians who print their ties to their homeland on shirts, postcards or socks. With these labels, everyone can show their love for Hanover. They put their stamp on Hanover

Roderbruch is a district in Hanover. But it is also the birthplace of the label of the same name. These include cool shirts and hoodies, which have a special connection to Hanover or one of the districts in the prints. Prints on clothing are so individual and creative that you often only recognize the statement about Hanover at second or third glance. And: there are often other little stories or ideas about Hanover hidden in the pictures. "We are called Roderbruch because we met at the IGS Roderbruch - I worked there and Katrin had her children at the school," says Robert Wiegmann, founder of the label. The educator and avid collector of silkscreen posters of music bands had always been interested in art. Katrin Kiehne-Lemnitz studied fashion design and worked for fashion companies. They quickly discovered their common interest in design. This is how the idea came about to design district shirts together. From the beginning it was clear to both of them that a simple branding - for example with the striking in Hannover lettering - is not enough for them. They wanted to create something special: "We really wanted to print shirts according to our ideas and not let ourselves be inspired by any mainstream motifs. "For example, I will never make a shirt with 'I like Kröpcke'," he promises. "We only bring motifs that we like. If we're not 100 percent convinced, then we discard the idea!" says Wiegmann, adding: "I'm not selling a t-shirt, I'm selling a feeling!"

The label, whose logo is a Roderbruch music cassette, presented its first shirts at the ferryman festival in 2016 – with great success. "I love Hanover, it's a really beautiful city with special corners and stories," says Wiegmann. He comes up with his ideas by walking through the city with his eyes wide open and seeing what others might overlook. "When I get lost in an image that sets a movie in my head, I start drawing and playing with the idea." For example, the Butcher's Cans shirt tells the story of the butchers who did it The problem was that the meat slices were different sizes. To avoid trouble, in the Middle Ages, when you bought a dozen, you gave a 13th piece. So they wanted to put the customers mildly. Because so many butchers were based in today's old town, the city named the Knochenhauerstraße accordingly in 1587. In addition to district shirts, there are now shirts that reflect a theme such as "Cycle City", "No Racism" or "Black Cats". The duo is currently designing a shirt for their partnership with Hiroshima. Shirts (from €35, hoodies from €68) are screen printed by hand by Wiegmann, so the choice of color is variable: color requests can be requested via the web shop by e-mail. Shirts and hoodies are fair and organic, the colors are vegan, solvent-free and water-based.